Preparing For The CITB HS&E Test

Before you take your Health, safety and environment (HS&E) test, we recommend you watch this video.

The HS&E Operatives test include 12 behavioural case study questions. These questions are based on 10 principles and are designed to test how you respond to health and safety situations on a construction site.

These 10 principles are covered in the Setting Out video, which explains the safety measures that you can expect employers to take on your behalf.

Qualification Summary 

The HS&E Operatives Test is one of two qualifications required to apply for the CSCS ‘Green’ Labourers Card. The test is completed at your choice of over 300 test centres nationally.

The HS&E test is made up of 50 questions covering the following 5 core knowledge areas:

Section A Working environment

Section B Occupational health

Section C Safety

Section D High risk activities

Different Questions Within The Test

The CITB HSE Operatives test consists of the following 4 multiple choice question types:

Drag & Drop Answered by dragging and dropping text or images from a list of options to the answer area.

Hot Spot Answered by selecting the correct place on the given image

Hot Area Answered by selecting one of the answer areas within the given image.